Getting Started in Triathlon

Triathlon is one of the most rewarding activities you can participate in, but it is also one of the most intimidating.  How do you setup transition?  How do you train for three events?  What is a catch-up drill?  How long should a brick be?  Which bike should I use?  How do I rig for a flying start, should I?  If you have these or any other questions, we have people who are willing and able to help.  Triathletes love to help each other, and love to help new triathletes get started in this great sport.  Several of our group offer themselves as mentors or coaches.  A mentor will help you figure things out, help you understand what you need, and help you plan your training and races.  A coach will do much more, as much as you want them to.  They will design custom training plans to help you excel, and monitor your progress along the way.  If you are scared and confused, don’t fret, feel free to reach out to one of our mentors or coaches and take the first step towards friends, fitness and fun.  Note that mentoring is always free, but at some stage you pay a coach.


Claude Winter (

Claude has been training and racing since AOL invented “you’ve got mail”.  No seriously, his first tri was the Sung Dynasty 70.3 in 3400 BC.  They used sundial’s for timing chips and half the swimmers did not finish.  They had not invented the wheel so the bike leg was done by having four servants carry you.  The run was made interesting by the introduction of saber tooth cats at mile 70.2.  Even at the ripe old age of 7000, he’s still one of the fastest in the group, and the unofficial mayor of sTRIderland.


Todd Williams (

Todd is a USAT certified coach and swim coach who’s claim to fame is the that he makes Marines cry.  Aside from being part seal (not S.E.A.L, literal seal), he is a multi-iron-distance finisher and has trained athletes to compete at the national level).


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